What I Think About When I Think About Breathing

10. 10. 2015

I often spend any free moments trying to distract myself. I look at my phone and think about everything except breathing. To counteract this, I practice Meditation.

With my eyes closed I sit cross-legged on a small cushion. This lifts my hips above my feet and helps adjust my posture to feel relaxed. Lastly, I try to loosen the muscles in my face.

I focus all of my attention on my breath. I take slow deep breaths trying to feel the air as it enters my nose and fills up my lungs. Breath after breath I try to sense the air around me. I think about the waves breaking. I think about fields of color moving back and forth. But, always I return back to my breath.

My nostrils flare up as I pull in more air. I think about the air brushing past my nose hairs. The statement, "I am breathing air through my nose" is the most objective thing in that moment. Nothing needs to be looked up to validate it, nor can anyone dispute it. Air is entering my nose right now.

I eventually drill deeper and think about the oxygen molecules. I imagine them like pollen floating gracefully on a breezy spring day. I inhale them in through my nose, and exhale out waves of carbon dioxide.

I continue to think about my breathing until my phone's timer goes off. At this point I usually stop thinking about my breath and start thinking about everything else, but with a little bit of perspective and clarity.

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