Hours Spent on a Task I Both Enjoy and Dread

11. 13. 2015

If I don’t finish the newspaper by the end of the day, I can be overtaken by a sense of dread. It takes me roughly an hour to read it during the week, and I largely structure my day around completely this task.

I will usually start with the international section, reading to see how the Argentinian elections went or what the peace talks in Sir Lanka have promised. Being interested in everything makes the world smaller yet larger at the same time. From the International section it is on to the National section and politics. The Business and Arts are the last two I will read.

Reading the paper in that order is ideal but a rarity. Regularly it is quickly reading part of a section at 7:00 AM while eating breakfast before work.

When sections are orphaned and meet the following days pages the result is a mess. The reading becomes rushed and unfocused. The sense of needing to finish what I am reading becomes greater than what I am actually reading.

While I spend a lot of time reading the paper I feel it is time well spent. Of course there a great many things I could do instead. But when I wake up I look forward to opening the paper and seeing what is on the front-page. I live with a sense of excitement for all of the future front-pages.

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