Four Breathing Animations

02. 11. 2017

Focusing on the breath is an important part of meditation. You stay with it through the inhale and the exhale. As the mind wanders, you always return to the breath.

Sometimes I think about the breath as having a presence. The animations below try to capture the breath as a gas like object. As the breath moves from the inhale to the exhale it changes shape. It darts around the frame as if it has a life of its own. Like your breath they are always moving, whether you acknowledge it or not.

A small breath with a short resting inhale and a quick exhale. This might be a breath for when I am working on my computer or reading.

A big quick breath with large inhale and exhale. When I swim or run I usually take this type of breath.

This is a slow breath with a long period between the inhale and the exhale. This is the most common type of breath when I meditate.

This breath has an exaggerated inhale and exhale. It is to large for meditation because the sound during the exhale would be disruptive.

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