90 Days to go until the Election

08. 10. 2016

Donald Trump yesterday alluded to the possible need for "2nd Amendment solutions" to stop Hilary Clinton from appointing judges to federal benches who might be hostile to gun ownership. Besides continuing the lie that Clinton is against all gun ownership, which she isn't just an expansion of universal background checks, these comments are some of the most dangerous Trump has said to date. His campaign walked back any notion that he was advocating violence against his political appointment by saying what he meant to say was that 2nd Amendment advocates will be vocal in lobbying their causes. But anyone paying attention knows exactly what he was alluding to, including the gentlemen sitting behind Trump who was shocked. I don't think he actually thinks people should shot Hilary Clinton, but I do think his rhetoric delegitimizes her as a criminal and a traitor. In 1995 Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by a far right lunatic because he believed Rabin was endangering the nation of Israel. Leading up to the assignation Rabin's political opponents had used language that cast him as a traitor. Trump allows no space for respectfully disagreement. I believe the bigger drive with his comments is to entertain his audience. He wants to put on a wild show night after night, and sometimes he has to go over the top to leave his audience happy.

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