83 Days to go until the Election

08. 15. 2016

Republicans are starting to look for the exits. Donald Trump's poll numbers and hapless campaign has left many in the GOP looking for ways to cut off RNC support. After months and months of promising he will act "presidentially" his campaign is still a daily slog of unforced errors and cringe worthy comments. A piece in the Times on Sunday detailed the chaos, describing Trump as "confused and scared on how to run a general election campaign." Of course he hit back, threatening to revoke their media credentials. The sense of defeat does some prescient. It has become a thing for reporters and pundits to share their electoral college maps, all of which point out that Clinton is up by over 10 points in a minimum number of states needed to get to 270. If those numbers hold by early October I would not be surprised if RNC Ad money gets redirected to help struggling senate and house seats. At which point you can only image how Donald Trump would respond to being identified as a Loser.

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