71 Days to go until the Election

08. 28. 2016

Wall? What Wall? Donald Trump has done what would have been considered unthinkable only weeks ago and changed his position on immigration policy. His harsh line on Immigration has defined much of his campaign up to this point. He announced his candidacy with a speech in June 2015 attacking Mexicans as rapists and the need to close off the borders to make America Great again. In the primary debates he viciously attacked Jeb Bush over his support for "Amnesty". But, I guess the only thing more important then sticking to a principled position is being down in the polls in Florida. Trump's poll numbers since the conventions have collapsed and the new team he brought in is trying to help him right the ship. It will be interesting if his followers finally flee or if they stick with him through the end. In addition to the shifting on Immigration, Trump has been giving speeches at African-Americans to get their support. In front of largely white crowds he describes African-Americans as living in poverty and living a life where they are constantly being shot at. In a plea Trump asks the black community, "What do you have to loose to vote for me!". The real focus of this out reach is white women and whites with a college degree. Key demos of the Republican party, which they haven't lost since the 1950s. Despite how unexpected the election has his defeat will validate the an important rule of American politics since the 1960s. You implicitly talk about race with "Law and Order" and "Welfare Queens" but you can't explicitly be racist without loosing the center of the electorate.

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