64 Days to go until the Election

09. 03. 2016

Over the last couple of weeks more information has come out about Hilary Clintons emails. The drip-drip of leaks is enough to keep the issue apart of the daily campaign. After the conventions the Clinton campaign got a big bump. They successful painted Clinton as a stable hand and reasonable choice compared to the chaos that Donald Trump represents. During the first couple weeks of August the Trump campaign stumbled over its self in gaffe after gaffe. But with the recent shift back to the emails the national polls show a race that has tightened. The shift hasn’t been from a Trump surge bet in a deflating of support for Clinton. There hasn’t necessary been any bombshells in the new information, but it is enough to keep talking about it. The FBI released a summary of their interview with her from July on Friday. The confusion about the deletion of the server and when it was supposed to be cleared is hard to defend or understand. The FBI zeroed in on her discussing the CIA drone program and not understanding information labeled “C” is classified. She gave the response “I don’t remember” a number of times. Which she probably docent remember but it paints her as having something to hide. There was no recommendation for inditement because the FBI did not conclude their was an intent to commit a crime. (Unlike David Petrous who handed over notebooks of confidential information to his lover/biographer) In the end the email server story is so terrible for her campaign not because she committed a crime, but it seems like it may never end.

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