54 Days to go until the Election

09. 25. 2016

In 1944 FDR ran for office knowing that he did not have long to live. He died two months in to his fourth term. Knowing a candidates health is crucial in making the decision for who someone is voting for. It subverts democracy and obfuscates the voters intent. Hilary Clinton’s problem with trust and conspiracies about her health are only reenforced with her recent bout with pneumonia and her campaigns delayed response. The perception is that she has something to hide and that her health is probably even worse then she is now disclosing. Would a vote for Hilary Clinton be a vote for her vice-presidential nominee Tim Kaine? The irony here is that if Tim Kaine was at the top of the ticket he would probably be polling much better. Donald Trump had made her health a campaign issue. I think most of his intent was to get the public to think of her as weak. His whole campaign has been about projecting strength and belittling his opponents. He emasculated Jeb Bush by calling him “Low Energy”. His attacks on Clinton defiantly cross the line to being sexist. Trump’s health is described as “Great!” by his campaign. On the Dr. Oz show in a made for TV moment he surprised the audience by reveling his health records for the first time. There was nothing new in the paper but it created the appearance that he is more transparent. He is a man in his 70s who is over weight, admittedly doesn’t exercise, and eats fast food. This could be one of the reason for his success. That dispute the fact that he is a compulsive liar and probably in worse health then Security Clinton people still love him. Part of that is because people hate her. But maybe a part of his appeal his projecting strength and manliness as an older obese man.

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