48 Days to go until the Election

09. 25. 2016

It was difficult for many Americans to accept the election of Barrack Obama in 2008. Some tired to blame the outcome on cheating by groups like ACORN. While Donald Trump almost immediately tried to delegitimize the president by declaring his place of birth was not in America, therefore not eligible to be president. Of course the President was born in Hawaii in 1961. By falsely declaring his birth certificate invalid Trump was trying to both invalidate Obama’s presidency and casting him as the other to many citizens who feel to be American is to be white. Trump gave a speech on September 16 in which he admitted that the president was born in America, and that Hilary Clinton started the falsehood. This is of course a lie. A really big lie that defies logic to how he thinks people won’t question it or challenge him on it. He exists on his own planet where truth is subjective. Trump spoke for a total of 30 seconds at the announcement and took no questions. He didn’t apologize for the hateful campaign he rallied against the President for the last eight years. Nor did he explain what new information led him to make his conclusion. It was in an interview a week later that he tipped his hand admitting that he did it to put the issue behind him. Hopefully the Clinton campaign will remind the public everyday from now until the election how wrong he was. Trump can’t be allowed to decide when the issue is done just for his convince after so many years of sowing hate in the country.

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