44 Days to go until the Election

09. 25. 2016

The media has tired to be fair in its covering of the two candidates. Both have foundations in their names that where set up to do good. The AP, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal have all done through looks into the Clinton Foundation. None have found a smoking gun or explicit evidence of wrong doing. All have documented instances that seem improper, but not illegal. The AP went the furtherest when it tried to link Mohamend Yunus’s request for a passport to wheeling and dealing of the foundation. The Clintons and Yunus have a well documented friendship that goes back 30 years. He is a respected economist and was a member of the Bangladesh government. It was a stretch to cite it as an example of criminal behavior. The Trump campaign on the other head had received little coverage until recently. David Fahrenthold of the Washington Post has done the most work on issue. Through a deep look into foundation papers he discovered: Trump didn’t give money to his own foundation, purchased items like paintings and sports memorabilia with foundation funds, used foundation money to make a political donation that was tied to an investigation into trump university, and didn’t give any money to veterans group that he claimed he had. The biggest red flag was that Trump used $250,000 from his foundation to pay for business legal expenses. The Trump campaign fired back that the reporter is slanted and the stories have a lot of issues. They never provided what the issues are. The two foundations are not equal, and the media needs to stop pretending they are.

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