43 Days to go until the Election

09. 25. 2016

"Why don't people call Sean Hannity?" was the best line of the first debate. It was a moment when Donald Trump was challenged about his initial support for the Iraq war, despite his insistence that he was against it. It was one of many moments when Donald sounded incoherent and confused.

Clinton hit him hard on his tax plan for being "Trumped up Trickle Down Economics". The phrase is clunky, but a good reminder that while he has framed himself as an outsider his agenda is largely a double down on Republican supply side orthodoxy. Trump stayed on message on trade, hitting Clinton on her support for NAFTA and other trade deals. The moderator Lester Holt called him out a number of times on not answering questions. At one point he asked Trump how he would bring 25 million jobs to back to America. Trump never really answered the question but was able to attack Clinton and the status quo.

She was able to tie is agenda to the policies that led to the Great Recession. Clinton is right to frame the issue in the context of the crash, the progress that has been made and the work that needs to be done. Donald Trump speaks about America as a third world country and over looks the reality of where the country is in 2016. If the electorate is looking for a change candidate his attack on her 30 years in office might be effective. Though 30 years ago she was a first lady in little rock and had no effect on national trade policy.

She attacked his business practices of not paying contractors, he countered that they probably did a bad job and bragged that 10,000 people love him. He bragged a lot of how many people are endorsing him. He totally botched a number of questions including the one on nuclear first strike. He rejected first strike then walking it back, but gave an answer that shows he doesn't know what he is taking about. A question on cyber security was rambling, but he was able to get a shot out to his son Barron who is "good with computers". His Birtherism answer was a total lie and will hurt him. He has an inability to say he was wrong.

Near the end Clinton seemed to be in total control goading him to defend crazy positions while she seemed calm. He seemed to meltdown when attacking her stamina. She had a well prepared answer that made him look small. For all his talk about stamina he looked tired and irritated by the end. He was sniffling and drinking water and looking uncomfortable. She stood still looking at him with unflinching focus. All the TV networks instant polls showed her winning by HUGE margins. Hopefully the first debate will shift the race back to Clinton. This performance shows again how unfit for office Trump is.

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