19 Days to go until the Election

10. 19. 2016

The final 2016 presidential debate will be remembered for Donald Trump’s statement that he will “keep you in suspense” if he looses. He disqualified himself by saying he would not respect the peaceful transfer of power that has been apart of our country since its founding. For the last couple of weeks as it began to look like he was going to lose he started to say the “election is rigged”. Hilary Clinton correctly called out how he had said the “primary was rigged”, “courts are rigged”, and the “Emmys were rigged” when Celebrity Apprentice lost. There is a pattern of when it looks like he is going to loose he acts like a child and throughs a fit.

At the start of the debate they both gave partisan answers on supreme court judges. She promised to appoint judges that would support Roe v Wade and over turn Citizens United. Trump said he would appoint judges that would overturn Roe and attacked her with scare tactics about late term abortions. Clinton gave a very personal response on late term abortion, talking about people who have had to make such a difficult decision. She was able to tie the idea of choice to repressive regimes in China which force abortions and countries like Romania that made it illegal. Her main point was to get the government out of the way when it comes to womens health.

Trumps answer on Immigration was that we are at war with illegal criminals. His vision of the issue was dark and horrifying. He said a racial insult that many of the immigrants are “Bad Hombres”. It quickly became a trending topic on twitter. Hilary described her plan with more nuance and talked about the need for security and the a path to citizenship. When talking about the need to bring immigrants out of the shadows she detailed Trump’s past history of hiring undocumented workers and not paying them.

The moderator Chris Wallace was tough with both the candidates. Chris Wallace asked a question from Wikileaks, and Hilary answered it by attacking Trump on Russia’s role in the hack. Chris Wallace and Clinton mentioned that 17 intelligence agencies have pinned the hack on Russia. He defended Putin and said he does not know him, but claimed Putin does not like Clinton. She referred to Trump as Putin’s puppet, which he shot back that she was the puppet.

Near the end of the debate he lashed out at Hilary while it was her turn to speak. He interrupted Clinton by calling her a “Nasty Women”. It really shows how much anger and hatred he has for a women in power. It is something he is going to have to deal with soon, after the performance he gave in tonights debate.

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