100 Days to go until the Election

07. 31. 2016

Two very different versions of America were presented at the conventions. The Democrats appropriated Morning in America while the Republicans staged a reenactment of Mad Max: Fury Road. The opposing messages of Stronger Together and Only the Orange One can Save us. In a NORMAL election year August would be a break from the madness. But of course, this is not a NORMAL election year. On Thursday the Khan family, parents of a fallen muslim american solider, gave a powerful speech lambasting Donald Trump for his positions on religion and never sacrificing anything or anyone. Donald made the situation worse for himself by opening his mouth. In an interview that aired today Donald Trump said his sacrifice has been creating jobs, proving he doesn’t know quite as many words as he once bragged about. He went further, questioning why Ms. Khan did not speak, inferring that the reason is islam. She responded later that it was the grief that had keep her from speaking at the convention. I think you can make the argument that he doesn’t under stand the concept of empathy, self-awareness or decency.

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